Monika Halmanowa

"Sapere Aude" is an amazing combination of action fiction and psychological thriller - a journey to two completely different human minds - of a perpetrator and a victim. An engaging and moving novel that will shake your faith in human wisdom and justice.


Justyna Niebieszczańska

The title of the book drew my interest, because it reminded me of Horace's letter to his friend Maximus Lollius with the advice "sapere aude," and such things have an effect on classical philologists. I admit that I felt detachment towards the book itself. No great expectations. I read the first pages slowly. Some of the heavy scenes at the beginning surprised me and I had doubts. Everything changed when I met young van Horn. I couldn't put the book down! Action fiction is not my first choice. Maybe not even the second choice, but I finished the book at night when the whole house was asleep. For me, the great advantage of "Sapere aude" is the very well-built and presented hero of the book. Thanks to him, the book is not just a kaleidoscope of events, but an interesting story about a man. A story that arouses emotions. Małgorzata Sambor-Cao has written a great novel that is worth staying up for!


Marta Gargas

This book is of the kind that makes you say "only a few pages more, the last chapter and I'll stop... I will finish tomorrow..."

And what happens? You keep on reading. Although the clock says 3 am, the whole house is asleep, and you know that your alarm will go off in 4 hours, but you are still reading the "last" page.


Mateusz Pakulski

"Sapere Aude" is an absolutely sensational book. The distinct main character, his actions, and the web of relationships in which he must function leave us with no doubts - it will be an explosive mix, the power of which will be felt by everyone.
The ingeniously presented, fast plot, the unpredictability of events - these are only some of the "delicacies" offered by the author. And they do not stop when you put the book away, because even then, the reader's senses start going crazy, looking for a second or third bottom everywhere.

Piotr Gruszczyński

This is the most engaging book I have read in recent times. A combination of action fiction and psychological thriller. A very realistic and true study of behaviour. The book shows us what a person is capable of in order to achieve their goals. What he is capable of doing when he gets a bit of "power" over others. What hatred and jealousy lead to. If you want to feel the rush of adrenaline, witness scenes that will chill the blood in your veins - read this book. It is a unique book - I'm glad I found it.

Marek Paczos

After reading the second page of this book - I cried out of jealousy! How much I would give to be able to combine human stories into a new, fresh narrative, pulsing with authenticity, to be able to write like this, to tell stories like this... with a stunning pace, accompanying suspense, unpredictability... a ready script for the next chapter of "Sicario"

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