Dare to be wise.





Volume I

Michael van Horn – young, handsome and outrageously rich. Women look at him with desire, men with envy. Michael could spend his life living off the assets hoarded by his ancestors. However, he wants to leave a legacy of more than just tangibles. He doesn’t even hesitate to stand in the way of merciless Mexican gangs to defend the values in which he believes. He knows Mexico. He grew up in Ciudad de Mexico and learned about the reality of life on its streets. He saw what happened to those who interfered with the interests of the world of crime – a world full of drugs, dirty sex and violence. However, he did not foresee that he would end up fighting a battle whose stakes were higher than his own life.

“Sapere Aude” drops us right in the middle of a spellbinding story in a world where the protagonists face challenges that bring out their worst instincts as well as their inner strength when plunged into extreme situations. This roller-coaster ride of a book is hard to put down and even harder to forget. It also poses the question: what are we capable of doing to remain true to our values?



Volume II part I

Michael van Horn has just survived the nightmare of a hellish basement in Milpa Alta. He did not bow to the pressure of pain and humiliation. However, is it enough? Will he manage to live through what General Arjona has in store for him?

How much will these traumatic experiences change him? Will he still be able to hold onto the belief that what he has done so far makes any sense?

What awaits him and “Sapere Aude”?

The author never lets the protagonist catch a deep breath, even when he finds himself in a hospital bed. She throws challenges at him relentlessly, with only brief lulls in the action. Additionally, what threatens young van Horn the most and proves the hardest to cope with does not come from outside, but from within. The author masterfully shows a human being’s own mental struggle. She leads the reader through the consecutive stages of dealing with trauma and strips the protagonist naked, revealing all his weaknesses and fears. This is when we can see what kind of person Michael van Horn really is.



Volume II part 2

Michael van Horn is finally able to leave Mexico. He returns to his family home in New York. Unfortunately, he cannot find peace of mind even in his own bedroom. He cannot forget about what he left behind in his second homeland. He tries to understand the mistakes he has committed. Was it possible to avoid what his brother had prepared for him? In order not to think about the things which he cannot forget, he throws himself into work and struggles to regain his physical fitness. He also wants to keep the promise he made to Oscar Perez and fight Vincente Molina’s empire.

Will he manage to defeat a powerful mafioso?

Will he recover?

Will he finally come to terms with what led to those horrible events in Mexico?

Few books have even constructed characters so skilfully. Each has their own distinct personality, manner of speaking and history. The protagonists on the pages are never black and white – they all make mistakes and what determines their strength is how they react to these mistakes. This boosts the emotional impact of this novel.



Part 1

Paryż – miasto tysiąca świateł i miłości. Michael van Horn, po przeżytej traumie i porażkach w poradzeniu sobie z tym co go spotkało, przyjeżdża tu z nadzieją na odzyskanie spokoju. Chce zapomnieć o przeszłości, o tym co przeżył w piwnicy w Milpa Alta. Rany się jeszcze nie zabliźniły, ale powoli odzyskuje równowagę. Do czasu, kiedy jeden wybuch szczerego śmiechu sprawi, że jego życie zmieni bieg i znów stanie się ucieczką.

Przed kim tym razem ucieka?

Czy w końcu się zatrzyma?

Jak wykorzysta szansę, którą da mu los?

Po ogromnym sukcesie bestsellerowej powieści „Sapere Aude”, tym razem autorka zabiera nas w podróż nie tylko do samego serca Francji, ale przede wszystkim prowokuje do odwagi spojrzenia w głąb siebie. Historia bohatera porusza czytelnika, bo mówi o zaprzepaszczonych szansach. Dalsze losy Michaela są opowieścią o strachu, który czai się w każdym z nas i dlatego nie można oderwać się od lektury aż do ostatniego zdania.

– Bałem się…

– Czego się bałeś?


– Czego się bałeś?

– Kiedyś zaufałem komuś, a potem… Potem mnóstwo moich bliskich zostało skrzywdzonych.

– Co ja mam z tym wspólnego?


About Me

The only constant thing in life is change.

Małgorzata Sambor-Cao – a writer and independent publisher. Courageously, she decided to turn her life upside down and started to share with the world the lessons that she learnt from failures. She transcends what is familiar and safe in order to fulfil her own dreams. In this way, she hopes to make a dent in the world and those who read her books. 

Her literary debut is “Sapere Aude” – a novel which takes the reader on an unforgettable emotional roller-coaster ride. There are few novels with such a strong impact for adult readers only. Despite dealing with very difficult topics, the book does not leave the reader without hope. The main protagonist, a man of incredible power, is supposed to guarantee that decency prevails victorious. The author gives him courage, although he is far from flawless. It is this contrast that ensures that Michael van Horn appeals to the imagination and touches the hearts of readers. Will he rise to the challenge? Will he fulfil the hopes that ride on him? We will find out in the next volumes of this incredibly absorbing novel. One thing is certain – the author knows how to surprise the readers. What befalls the protagonists is rarely predictable.

Readers have given the author’s debut novel an enthusiastic reception. In particular, they have appreciated her mastery in constructing characters as well as the coherence of the plot. The number of copies sold and crowds of avid readers craving the author’s next books are the best proof that her prose is well worth reading.



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Ernest Hemingway

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